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modern career skillsets podcast episode careerfluencer

Modern Career Skillsets

Everyone has heard of “upskilling,” but what exactly are the areas that matter most? Hear the scoop about the top 5 must-have’s to stack in your Modern Career Skillset so you can stay ahead of the curve, and discover why creating value, communication, flexibility, landing offers, and persistence are such ...
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Travis Robinson Careerfluencer

089: From Mechanical Engineering to Coaching with Travis Robinson

What do you do if the career you’ve pursued for so long turns out to be opposite of what you really want…? In this episode, hear Travis’ journey of how he went from being on a “picture-perfect” path in Mechanical Engineering to making a major pivot that would change his ...
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creating your career podcast episode careerfluencer

Creating Your Career

What does it mean to truly be THE creator of your career? In this episode, hear how to implement this today into your own unique situation, the biggest beliefs that tend to hold us back, and a message that is sure to help you feel good about your future. Join ...
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THE PROGRAM – Oct. Invitation

If you’re a modern professional on the hunt for an opportunity consider this your signed, sealed invitation to The Program! In this episode, hear the truth to why most traditional job-search tactics will hold you back, how navigating the hiring process can actually start to feel fun, and get the ...
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How to Land Offers episode 3 careerfluencer


To wrap up this series with Part 3 of HOW TO LAND OFFER$, we dive into a few deep reflection questions on deliberate decision making while building your career, the importance of acceptancy vs. expectancy, and how to keep driving in the direction of your dreams - no matter what! ...
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