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Galicia Gordon Podcast Careerfluencer

110: Choosing to Carve Your Own Path with Galicia Gordon

Taking the time to seriously think about your career choices can be a daunting task - especially if you’re a student that’s just getting started. In this episode, hear Galicia’s story of how she saw ...
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Quotes From Private Notes Cynthia Heisch Podcast Episode

109: Quotes From My Private Notes with Cynthia Heisch

Tired of hearing about all the “doom and gloom” going on at the moment? Or simply craving a bit of a positive pick-me-up? Then this episode is meant for you! Cyn is opening up with ...
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Aaron Patton Podcaster Episode Careerfluencer

108: Opening Up to New Opportunities with Aaron Patton

Sometimes the obstacles we face can open the door up to bigger and better opportunities than we ever thought was possible. In this episode, hear Aaron’s story of how he went from getting handed a ...
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natalie lange careerfluencer photographer creative industry podcast

107: Creativity and Choosing Your Career Path with Natalie Lange

Is creativity something some people are simply born with, or can we all tap into it in our own ways? In this episode, hear Natalie’s take on building her career beyond what she initially planned ...
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Interview Answer Key part two Careerfluencer podcast

106: Interview Answer Key Part Two – with Cynthia Heisch

In this episode – an extension of last week’s Interview Answer Key – we dive in deeper to explore what it’s like as a human on the “other” side of the hiring table, how to ...
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