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Key Tips to Start Your Career as a Recent College Grad with Rick Findlay

076: Key Tips to Start Your Career as a Recent College Grad with Rick Findlay

For all recent grads who are really struggling at the moment with the  transition from college to career, this episode is a must-listen! Hear Rick’s story of what he realized after hundreds of job applications didn’t work out, the number one thing you need to have (that has nothing to do with your resume), and ...
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job vs career podcast episode careerfluencer community

075: JOB vs. CAREER | Careerfluencer Community

In this MINI-WORKSHOP episode, you’ll learn:
  • The key differences between Jobs and your Career
    • most / few
    • short-term / long-term
    • lily pads / bridge
    • googleable / diy
  • What it means to “stop chasing jobs” and “start building your career”
  • How you can start applying this concept and put it into practice to feel confident about ...
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Emily Gigliotti Podcast Episode Career Advice Careerfluencer

074: Falling Out of Love and Finding Your Purpose with Emily Gigliotti

What do you do if you feel like you are falling out of love with everything you’ve been working toward so far? Hear Emily’s inspiring story of why she decided to make a major pivot away from playing softball after so many years, what it was like to completely start over from scratch, and advice ...
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PR Career Advice Podcast Episode Betty Jean Careerfluencer

073: Start Making Big Career Moves Right Now with Betty Jean

Imagine all of the untapped opportunities that are hiding within your reach right now… why wait when you could start the journey today? In this episode, hear Betty’s story of how she was able to create a successful event completely from scratch, the honest truth about working in Public Relations, and pro tips to help ...
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Take Control of Career Podcast Episode Jazmine Reed-Clark Careerfluencer

072: How it Feels to Truly Take Control of Your Career with Jazmine Reed-Clark

Have you ever felt like your friends or family didn’t fully support your dreams? In this episode, hear Jazmine’s story of why she went from her dream job in journalism to going on a completely different path, how she trusted her gut even when others didn’t really think it was the right time, and helpful ...
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