002: Career Growth Hacks and Staying Motivated with Roy Vann

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Craving career growth? Look no further! In this episode, Roy Vann shares a ton of ideas about how to think outside of the box and find time to keep learning… but you might be surprised to find out how he ultimately landed a job as the Director of Brand Partnerships at iHeartMedia while also being an entrepreneur, artist, and overall goal-getter.

“Learn something today.”

-Leveraging your time and weighing opportunity costs.
-Millennial stereotypes and generational differences in the workplace.
-Downsides of being a “focused millennial” or overly-ambitious.
-Tips to use when pitching new ideas to leadership.
-Understanding your company org charts.
-Advice about finding a mentor and adding value for their time.
-What not to do when job-searching.
-Overcoming rejection to reach your goals.

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