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107: Creativity and Choosing Your Career Path with Natalie Lange

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Is creativity something some people are simply born with, or can we all tap into it in our own ways? In this episode, hear Natalie’s take on building her career beyond what she initially planned in college, advice on how to find new opportunities that fit your interests, and why it’s important to explore new possibilities to pursue along your path.

Feat. Guest: Natalie Lange.
Title: Photographer.
Industry: Creative.
Current Location: North Miami Beach, Florida.

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Interview Answer Key part two Careerfluencer podcast

106: Interview Answer Key Part Two – with Cynthia Heisch

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In this episode – an extension of last week’s Interview Answer Key – we dive in deeper to explore what it’s like as a human on the “other” side of the hiring table, how to connect on a deeper level, and answering the most commonly asked question: “tell me about yourself.”

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Interview Answer Key Careerfluencer

105: Interview Answer Key – with Cynthia Heisch

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You’ve landed a job interview, begin to feel the butterflies fluttering about, but what are you going to say? What if they ask questions that you’re not sure how to answer? And how can we learn a lot about this from our love lives? Get the answers to these juicy questions and more in this episode!

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noah swiderski careerfluencer podcast

104: How to Start Momentum, Win in Sales, and Set Yourself Up For Success with Noah Swiderski

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No matter where you are along your career journey, starting momentum in the right direction begins when you go all-in. In this episode, you’ll hear Noah’s path from flipping football cards with his friends, to grinding it out in door to door sales, and the mindset he’s mastered to set yourself up for success.

Feat. Guest: Noah Swiderski.
Title: Marketing Specialist.
Industry: Media.
Current Location: Windham, New Hampshire.

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dream job description cover art

103: Dream Job Description – Live Workshop Playback with Cynthia Heisch

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Grab your notebooks, get cozy, and enjoy hopping on this fun live workshop playback together. You’re in for a treat today with this exercise-style episode. By the end, you will have your Dream Job Description download out on paper, a clearer sense of navigating your own career journey, and a ton of forward-looking tools that you’ll love to try!

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writing your resume podcast episode careerfluencer

102: Writing Your Resume – with Cynthia Heisch

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In this episode we will guide you through an exercise that’ll answer – what will YOU write on your resume this year? When you decide what you want ahead of time and set the intention for your direction, that’s how you are able to feel clear along the journey as it unfolds. Learn how to think of your resume as a “highlight reel,” get ahead of your career goals, and be ready for your best year yet!

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101: Discovering the Opportunity in the Obstacle with Gabby Dionisio

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When your gut is telling you to go a completely different direction, can you trust that it’s the right decision? In this episode, hear Gabby’s story of how she went from a path in journalism to following the signs into education, what steps helped to get clear about her career, and how you can look for opportunity in the obstacle.

Feat. Guest: Gabby Dionisio.
Title: High School Teacher and Podcast Host.
Industry: Education.
Current Location: Charlotte, North Carolina.

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cheers to building dream careers careerfluencer podcast episode

100: Cheers to Building Dream Careers – with Cynthia Heisch

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Join us in a special celebratory episode as we wrap up the year with 100(!) episodes of the Careerfluencer podcast, have a chat with you to check in on your career development, and give 2021 a warm welcome.

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Ava McDonald Careerfluencer podcast episode

099: Being a Positive Influence for Future Generations with Ava McDonald

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Why wait to go for your dreams, when you could simply decide you’re already ready right now? In this episode, hear Ava’s positive outlook on going all in toward her goals from an early age, what it takes to balance her big entrepreneurial endeavors while being a full-time student, and how we can be a positive influence on future generations to come!

Feat. Guest: Ava McDonald.
Title: Entrepreneur and Student.
Industry: Marketing and Advertising.
Current Location: Austin, Texas.

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Flawless First Impressions Careerfluencer

Flawless First Impressions – with Cynthia Heisch

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How can we make a flawless first impression in the modern workplace? Get the key areas of focus to line up both offline and online, how to start thinking about influence when it comes to your career growth, and at the end of the episode check out a quick exercise to help you take it up a notch right now!

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Ian Lenhart Podcast Careerfluencer

097: Feeling Confident Through Career Challenges with Ian Lenhart

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How do you feel when facing big challenges throughout your career? In this episode, hear Ian’s jam-packed journey with a thriving network marketing gig that suddenly took a big turn, how he then went to work at a startup in San Francisco, and positive insight that will help you build confidence on a daily basis!

Feat. Guest: Ian Lenhart.
Title: Entrepreneur and Podcaster.
Industry: Media.
Current Location: Miami, Florida.

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