How to Land Offers episode part 2 careerfluencer


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In Part 2 of the HOW TO LAND OFFER$ series, you’ll get the secrets to nailing the interview phase every time from a Hiring Manager’s perspective, all major red-flag mistakes to avoid, the ultimate answer key for any questions you’re asked, and how to Tell Them What You Do like a total pro!

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How to Land Offers episode careerfluencer


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This series of 3 episodes on HOW TO LAND OFFER$ will single-handedly change your career as an up & coming modern professional from this point forward, so get ready y’all! If you are on the hunt for an opportunity, have tried all the things, yet aren’t seeing the results you want – it all comes back to this one: Hit The Market (hard). Plus, you’ll learn how to avoid “failure” for good.

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Forward Friday

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Do you look forward to your future…? In this episode, take a minute with our Founder, Cynthia Heisch, to explore what the future looks like for you, what you want it to be, and how to end every week on a high note.

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key to building your dream career - careerfluencer podcast episode

The KEY to Building Your Dream Career

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What is the one thing you need to build your dream career…that also isn’t ~seen~ on a resume? In this value-packed new episode, learn why your mindset makes all the difference to your inner “growth engine,” what happens when we don’t have that key piece in place, and then how to begin to unlock yours right now so you can create the big results that you want.

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Career Paths Podcast Episode Ally McDeavitt Careerfluencer

080: Pursuing Career Paths Beyond Your College Degree Plan with Ally McDeavitt

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With all of the new opportunities popping up in today’s rapidly changing job market, it’s likely that you could end up in a career path that is completely different than the degree you initially chose back in college! In this episode, hear Ally’s story of how she went from studying kinesiology to landing a path as a rising leader in digital marketing, what she realized about applying to jobs you hadn’t considered before, and great tips to help you quickly develop new skillsets no matter what field you choose to pursue.

Feat. Guest: Ally McDeavitt.
Title: Director of Strategic Performance.
Industry: Digital Advertising.
Current Location: Orange County, California.

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growing pains career growth podcast episode careerfluencer

079: Growing Pains – Careerfluencer Community ft. Cynthia Heisch

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Truth is, some of the biggest moments of our career journey are the times when we’re feeling a whole lot of growing pains.

In this episode, hear the Founder of Careerfluencer, Cynthia Heisch, share a few of the growing pains she’s felt along her own journey with career growth, how to shift your mindset so you can stay strong in those moments, and the story behind starting this podcast in the first place almost a year ago…

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Unsah Malik Careerfluencer Podcast Episode

078: Journalism, Influencers, and Being Uniquely You with Unsah

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Being different can actually be a unique advantage when it comes to your career development! Hear Unsah’s journey in this episode including how to get into the world of journalism despite having zero industry contacts, why it was such a culture shock at first, and tips to stay authentic while building true online influence of your own.

Feat. Guest: Unsah Malik.
Title: Social Media and Influencer Marketing Strategist.
Industry: Marketing.
Current Location: London, UK.

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077: Starting Your Career From Scratch!?! – ft. Matt Funk, Roy Rucker Jr, Omar Marquez, and Cynthia Heisch

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In this super fun Q&A mashup episode, you’ll hear a few familiar faces come share their answers and advice:

“Imagine if you had to start over your career from scratch… what would you do ASAP?!”

BIG thanks to our feat. guests: Matt Funk, Roy Rucker Jr., Omar Marquez, and Cynthia Heisch.

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Key Tips to Start Your Career as a Recent College Grad with Rick Findlay

076: Key Tips to Start Your Career as a Recent College Grad with Rick Findlay

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For all recent grads who are really struggling at the moment with the  transition from college to career, this episode is a must-listen! Hear Rick’s story of what he realized after hundreds of job applications didn’t work out, the number one thing you need to have (that has nothing to do with your resume), and how to navigate the real world without feeling alone.

Feat. Guest: Rick Findlay.
Title: Digital Campaign Manager.
Industry: Advertising.
Current Location: Dallas, Texas.

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job vs career podcast episode careerfluencer community

075: JOB vs. CAREER | Careerfluencer Community

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In this MINI-WORKSHOP episode, you’ll learn:

  • The key differences between Jobs and your Career
    • most / few
    • short-term / long-term
    • lily pads / bridge
    • googleable / diy
  • What it means to “stop chasing jobs” and “start building your career”
  • How you can start applying this concept and put it into practice to feel confident about your future from now on (even in the middle of a crisis)!

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Emily Gigliotti Podcast Episode Career Advice Careerfluencer

074: Falling Out of Love and Finding Your Purpose with Emily Gigliotti

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What do you do if you feel like you are falling out of love with everything you’ve been working toward so far? Hear Emily’s inspiring story of why she decided to make a major pivot away from playing softball after so many years, what it was like to completely start over from scratch, and advice to help you align your work with your true purpose!

Feat. Guest: Emily Gigliotti.
Title: Grad Student and Podcast Host.
Industry: Sport Business.
Current Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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PR Career Advice Podcast Episode Betty Jean Careerfluencer

073: Start Making Big Career Moves Right Now with Betty Jean

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Imagine all of the untapped opportunities that are hiding within your reach right now… why wait when you could start the journey today? In this episode, hear Betty’s story of how she was able to create a successful event completely from scratch, the honest truth about working in Public Relations, and pro tips to help you make big moves without getting overwhelmed!

Feat. Guest: Betty Jean.
Title: Public Relations and Communications.
Industry: Digital Marketing.
Current Location: Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

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