003: Confidence and Career Planning with Yasmina Chalhoub

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Can you confidently say that your career is on track? Whether or not you have started seriously planning for the long-term, our guest, Yasmina, is here to help. She’s the founder, owner, and editor-in-chief behind style and travel blog Dress Well Travel Often, a current MBA candidate at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, and a former Fortune 100 marketing professional at Oracle. As if her resume wasn’t already perfect as-is – this summer she interned in New York as a Global Corporate Strategy Manager at Calvin Klein, and in this episode she shares insider tips about what it takes to get to the top and reach your highest potential as a young professional.

“If you’re confused, that’s okay. But…if you DO have a vision, you need to stick to that! You need to really own it.”

-Thinking backwards about career planning.
-How to create your own opportunities.
-The business of blogging and what goes on behind the scenes.
-Blocking out external noise and developing thick skin.
-Wardrobe tips for the professional workplace.
-Owning your vision and using words of affirmation to keep you on track daily.
-Choosing a career path that’s in line with your priorities and end goal.

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