090: Modern Career Skillsets – with Cynthia Heisch

Everyone has heard of “upskilling,” but what exactly are the areas that matter most? Hear the scoop about the top 5 must-have’s to stack in your Modern Career Skillset so you can stay ahead of the curve, and discover why creating value, communication, flexibility, landing offers, and persistence are such valuable pieces of the puzzle!

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Careerfluencer podcast, where each week we share the strategies, tools, mindset, and everything you need to build the career of your dreams. So without further ado, here we go. In terms of key skill sets, as a modern professional, I really took some time, y’all, to think about this, because it’s one of the questions I get so often. We’re aware of the fact that in today’s rapidly changing world that we work and live in, in order to keep up or even better stand out and succeed with this new wave of opportunity out there, that old ways won’t work, right? It takes a different approach, a different skill set. When it comes to upskilling, and investing in yourself, and future-proofing your career, there are so many different opinions out there. But frankly, I don’t believe there’s a clear understanding. And I’ve boiled it down to the top five to give you today. So as I share these with you think about where you stand, can you say with confidence that these are areas you are focusing on, you’re nailing completely, these are daily must dues no matter what path you’re in? And the benefit is for you, okay, not your company, not your boss, not anyone else stepping up for you and your career and your future with these skills. And the question is which skills and that’s, that’s where I see that very common mistake of choosing skill sets, ultimately, the wrong ones wasting all that time and effort. And of course, being even more behind them before I don’t want that to happen to you guys, when you can avoid that focus on what matters most and have that skill set in hand. So you’re not caught by surprise. So you’re armed and ready. So you can apply these to your unique path as soon as possible because you can master these. And last but not least, before we dig into those five, you know, core skill sets, I want to point out something interesting that most of these are not the type of soft or hard skill sets that you will typically see on a resume. Okay, um, however, not having these will certainly be seen on your resume in terms of your results. You can you can have all the certifications and read all the books in the world. But if you can’t build your career, then what’s it worth? Right, that’s, that’s one of the hard truths, that’s key to here. Okay. So let’s stick it in here. The first one on the list. Number one, creating value, creating value. So this is about solving problems people pay for in terms of they’re paying for in time, they’re paying in their attention in cash, right? And the problems that you solve the bigger the less clear cut solutions, the more brainpower, the better. Okay, and the question is, who pays you to create value to solve problems? Who is your customer? You know, that could be your boss, that could be your clients, that could be several companies that you do business with, right, depending on your role, who pays you directly to solve problems? And how can you solve more of their problems in a way that helps them and creates value that didn’t exist before? Okay. Number two is communication is the message getting across? This is about you can have all the information and all the knowledge and expertise in your head, right? But are you able to communicate that value to someone else? Okay, communicating how you create value. So often, I see so many super smart people who have all this knowledge in their head. However, it’s almost unintentionally kept as a complete secret. Especially for any fellow introverts out there, right. Being able to communicate, you know, through what you say and through what you do. Actions speak louder than words. And this is not only in real life offline, but online as well. You are communicating in all aspects. And the key pieces here with communication is simplifying concepts down so anyone can understand telling stories that make it easier to get across and the difference between you and robots the difference between you and others, you and anyone that’s not you is your ability to communicate communication, okay? So when you’re focused on creating value, and then when you’re focused on communicating what you do, okay? Next step is number three flexibility. Flexibility is about being easy to work with saying yes to opportunities to doing things that you wouldn’t typically do releasing grip, okay, going with the flow versus resisting change or reality, okay, making the best of what you have or the situation being resourceful and also not limiting yourself and your options, my, my career flexibility, you guys has led to choosing like eight different career paths that are completely different. And that’s where I got all this insight, this expertise where I made those connections and there’s so much value in being flexible, being easy to work with, that helps you you know, work with others so much better, and be a great team member. Key in our rapidly changing world. Okay, number four is landing offers. So above all else, I would say this is number one on the priority list, being able to land offers, and this is truly a skill that you can learn, okay, that literally pays off, creates your own job security. Always be open to landing offers, whether you’re actively on the hunt or not, that is how you stay in high demand. Keep that switch always on, always open to land offers because as new opportunities are coming up around us, as you know, things present themselves that we can say yes to and, you know, challenge ourselves or projects we can be a part of. The more that you are being flexible, communicating, creating value and landing offers that will build your career, in essence, okay. It creates that inevitable success plan. So landing offers is critical. So you’re creating value, you’re communicating, you have flexibility, you’re able to land offers, but right now you might be thinking, oh, gosh, so how do I even get there? How do I get to that point? Maybe this is, you know, quite a ways away from where you are right? The second Okay, um, and persistence is that fuel behind it all. And I wanted to share a quote with you that I love and has really helped me be able to stay persistent and understand this on a deeper level by Calvin Coolidge: “Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not – nothing is more common than unsuccessful people with talent. Genius will not – unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not – the world is full of educated failures. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘press on’ has solved and will always solve the problems of the human race.” I love that quote. So I hope this was helpful for you guys in terms of modern career skill sets! That’s all for now. I will talk to you guys next time. Hey, if you’re on the hunt for your next opportunity, I want to invite you to join the program we’re going to land offers and launch your career as a modern professional using our proven process. It’s risk free, you either land an offer on the table or we give you the money back, just head over to careerfluencer.com/program – We’ll see you inside.

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