094: Ideal Candidate Energy – with Cynthia Heisch

Is your head in the game? “Ideal Candidate Energy” is a fun concept taught in this episode that makes a big difference on your results – especially during job interviews! Learn the work it takes to create your ICE mindset, how to “think like an athlete” throughout your career, and get a bonus pep-talk at the end to help you put it into practice like a pro.

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Careerfluencer podcast, where each week we share the strategies, tools, mindset, and everything you need to build a career of your dreams. So without further ado, here we go. Hey, guys, welcome back to the podcast. How are you? I am so pumped. We are rolling in through the end of 2020. And I have got some fun and new projects. I’ve been working on these past few weeks, a couple of workbooks for inside the program. And for the students and members inside of our program, who are you know, working on landing a new job finding a next career opportunity, the first workbook will roll out should be in the next week or so. So keep an eye out, between that and the live workshops we’ve been doing. And all of the fun behind the scenes work we’ve been doing for Careerfluencer that I can’t wait for y’all to see, just a lot of good stuff. And I’m so just appreciative of all of it. Love it. And now one of the one of the questions that we have been talking about the past couple weeks in the program, this could be super valuable for you guys, if you are on the hunt for an opportunity. I’m going to present kind of a new, a different mindset or approach that really, really served me well throughout my career as a modern professional, something I teach so often to others who are ambitious, who are growing their career landing opportunities, climbing up the ranks, you know, building their unique path that we are in the game of brains. Basically, how, think about if you were an athlete, okay, and you had a big game coming up, right? Maybe a tournament, if you didn’t mentally prepare for that game, and you got on the court, your actions would inevitably be different, right? And it would probably be seen by your team members, even though you have the same amount of talent, you have the same amount of effort, or even more effort that you’re putting in. If your brain isn’t also on the court, it is seen on the outside whether or not you’ve been mentioned it. Okay. Does that make sense? So this is something that ideal candidate energy is something that you can step into kind of like a role that you can embody, it’s who you are already, but some shift in your energy that you can create or click into, especially during the hiring process and in job interviews. Okay, Ideal Candidate Energy getting your head in the game, okay, this feeling that feels good to you, that brings out the best in you, it’s who you are, it’s magnetic. And it’s not so much “faking it till you make it” or even playing the part of a certain role or position that you’re supposed to be. It’s really about that, looking inward, remembering who you are, and becoming it believing ahead of time in yourself, whether or not anyone else on the outside looking in, sees it, or whether or not you get the outcome you’re looking for. Right? That in every interview situation that I step into, I am in my eye, ideal candidate energy. What is your ideal candidate energy, define that and create that for yourself. And just like you would have maybe a suit that you wear to an interview, right? You want to put on your ideal candidate energy mode as well. You wouldn’t show up to an interview without shoes on, right? Which actually, I guess with zoom interviews, nowadays – don’t get technical about this, y’all okay? Y’all know what I mean? That you want to be fully prepared fully present, bringing your A game right and showing your best version of you kind of like a sample of you on a good day. Because I can tell that sometimes we are overwhelmed. You know, we’re nervous or we have all of these feelings we want to do well. In an interview, and of course, that is definitely something that makes sense, it’s appropriate. But at the same time, we can also choose to click into our ideal candidate energy, no matter what the outcome is, no matter what, you know, job you’re even applying for no matter what situation you’re at, when you see me in that mode, expect this version of me. Okay? And how to click into that, how to define that for yourself, and then how to click into that, and have that in your kind of behind the scenes modes, a button kind of that you can press and click into, and even maybe think about how can I create a process or a mini ritual? or What can I do before game time before I step on the court to make sure that I have that clear, ready, you know, ready to go confident from within presence. Okay, so just as you wouldn’t show up to an interview without pants on or shoes on, make sure to also bring your ideal candidate energy, it’s magnetic, we can feel it, we can see it coming from within you. And more. Most importantly, above all else, it feels good to you. So to wrap up all of this, I thought it would be something new and fun to do kind of a pep talk that you can play maybe once twice or 20 times, especially right before an interview. Oh, something you can refer to and really get in the zone. So here we go! I am the ideal candidate, I bring a unique set of skills, experiences and insights to the table which I’ve gathered throughout my journey and will continue to include as I grow, it may or may not be seen on my resume or even past positions, but it’s there. I believe in me, no matter where I am, what role I hold the work I do what others think my worth, and potential are limitless. I have good intentions and big goals that give me energy every day. I do what feels good to me fun, interesting, and right without exception, I am free to choose or change my mind anytime and cannot go wrong. Without a doubt. I enjoy my career journey. I’m eager for what the future holds. And I am especially happy right where I am now. I focus on what I want. Put my full self into every precious moment of my life, and look forward to my future as it unfolds. Now. I look for the light in every situation, position or opportunity on the table that I receive. And I am always learning every step of the way. I have zero competition, the way I see it. I trust myself and choose faith over fear. I am a force to be reckoned with and only getting stronger. I know who I am, what I need to do, and can feel it so clearly from within. I AM the ideal candidate. So I hope that was something that really sparked something new within you today, guys. That’s all for this week. Thanks so much. I will talk to you next time. Hey, if you’re on the hunt for your next opportunity, I want to invite you to join the program where you’re going to land offers and launch your career as a modern professional using our proven process. It’s risk free, you either land an offer on the table or we give you the money back just head over to careerfluencer.com/program – We’ll see you inside.

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