096: Smart Search Strategy – with Cynthia Heisch

If opportunities are everywhere, what are we really “looking” for in the first place? And with that, how can we create our own SSS? This episode is pure gold for jobseekers and anyone that’s ready to take their career seriously, including practical tips and stories that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat!

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Careerfluencer Podcast where each week we share the strategies, tools, mindset, and everything you need to build a career of your dreams. So without further ado, here we go. If opportunities are everywhere, what are we really looking for here? This episode is going to be pure gold. Okay for the job seekers out there, which I really By the way, I’m really not a fan of that label. But anyway, smart search strategy. We’re gonna dive into that. Right here. Welcome back. Last week, we did the fun ways to find a job free workshop. So fun. And as the week’s continue, I think we might continue to do some more of those. I loved it, it was fun to just kind of interact with you all. If you’re not on the forward Friday email list, then make sure to sign up go to careerfluencer.com/ff – f as in Frank, or Fs, and for Friday. Careerfluencer.com/ff – Yeah, that’s the link. Yeah. And it’s hilariously fun to find out how many different approaches you could take here with your search strategy, um, how many you could test out like, every time one of our students in the program reached? The third step, right? Accepting an offer on the table. I’m like, so eager to ask. Okay, so tell us what, what’s the secret? Tell us your search strategy that sealed the deal. And I think I love it so much. Because I remember when, you know, the beginning of my career, I applied to hundreds of jobs. And the struggle was real. And in the end, landed an offer, after seeing a Facebook posts for a role I didn’t even know existed, okay, by a connection I had back from college, like, who would have thunk – this was, this was not taught in any of those articles I was reading or any of the things right yet here we are, you know, the smart search strategy that I can preach from the very beginning. That worked at that point was Facebook, looking at Facebook post y’all, right? I mean, that’s why I can’t help but laugh, because there are just so many ways. And so we’re going to simplify that real nice and easy to help you apply it to, you know, your career and your journey. Right. So the question is, if opportunities are everywhere, what are we really looking for here? When you say I’m looking for a job? I’m trying to find a job? I’m on the job search, right? If opportunities are everywhere, what are we really looking for here in our process that we teach, right? The three steps: hit the market, tell them what you do, AKA typically an interview or a phone interview or whatnot. Number three, except offers where that falls into the process with your smart search strategy is in hitting the market. The first step, which means you’re simply trying to connect and speak to a human who could potentially hire you, okay, humans hire humans, how to go about this working smarter, not harder. Think about, why take it so seriously – right? Focus on what could go right? Anyone who is slightly related to where you’re trying to go, who you’re trying to connect with or speak to, I promise if you were to go inside of a mall, especially with the holiday shopping going on, right? Maybe not as packed as it normally would be with, you know, COVID and everything going on. But if you were to go hypothetically, into a crowd and just ask every single person that walked past you, I guarantee you would come away with it with something right? Um, focus on what could go right? in any situation. Truly, if you turn that focus to the other side of the equation, look for the potential and try give things a try test it out. Just give it a whirl. You’re just, you know, seeing what might get you one step closer to speaking to a human who could potentially hire you, right? And there are so many humans on the planet, that surely eventually, sooner than later, right? The more fun you’re having, the more you’re doing things that feel good that you’re just being yourself dread just trying See what happens taking that approach that mindset? Okay, giving that a whirl, you know, I’m sure some hiring processes have all sorts of steps that are kind of tangled to get from on the hunt for a job to landing an offer rate, depending on your industry in your field and whatnot. But I really don’t get bogged down by that don’t let that stand in the way, because not all of them are like that every company is different. And so instead to now, you know, zoom out a bit, or how can you get one step closer to speaking to a human that could potentially hire you get to that stage, you can do that stage for sure. And again, I could, I could sit here and just rattle off all of the, you know, quote hacks for hours and hours and bore you guys and myself in the process. But honestly, trust me, I honestly think that won’t nearly help you as much as this simple concept. Okay, again, getting one step closer to human who could potentially hire you, it doesn’t even have to be a stranger. Right? back. You know, again, in my career, at one point, I was in a sales role. And a lot of the other colleagues on the team would solely their bread and butter was cold calling. And I mean, I spent way longer than I’d like to admit, trying to cold call, I would sit there with a phone number dialed on my phone, staring at the you know, call button, and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I don’t know what it was. It just wasn’t happening, right? And I was like, something’s gotta give, um, don’t they don’t they say like, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. I really felt like I think I’m going insane. I cannot cold call. Everybody else seems to be able to do it this way. And let me get creative here. And that’s when I tried other routes. How can I speak to humans? That’s all I’m trying to doing. Right? So I went to meet people in person, I went to networking events, I just tried things. Besides that, that I knew had the potential to get me one step closer, right? It’s not that it exactly would lead to a sale or, you know, not that I knew it would work. I didn’t, right. But being open to consider and just tried something different than you’ve done before, test the waters and loosen up a bit, right? Because there is no one right way to do your job search, there is no one right way to land an offer. Okay. And again, this simple concept, repeat this episode over and over. And plus, if you want to get into more of the How to steps and all that that’s of course, why we have the program just for that matter. And I guess you could, in theory asked me like any sort of technical hiring process step detail that you wanted, but of course, I’ll answer it right. I’m not gonna ignore you. However, that’s not what we’re here for. We’re here to make it easier. We’re here to help encourage you to try other routes or look at things in a new direction that help you encourage you and move you forward and are fine. You know that feel good, because that’s what it’s all about. Your career is supposed to be something that isn’t something that’s a “struggle bus,” you know, week after week until the day you retire. It’s supposed to be fun, you’re supposed to enjoy what you’re doing. And part of a career is sometimes being in between roles or looking for new opportunities. And that is all good. It’s all part of it. I love all of it. I love my career, right? At the end of the day, you can always look for the good in any situation. And that’s what I would encourage you guys today. So I hope this was helpful. And until next time, I will talk to you guys later. Bye bye. 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