097: Feeling Confident Through Career Challenges with Ian Lenhart

How do you feel when facing big challenges throughout your career? In this episode, hear Ian’s jam-packed journey with a thriving network marketing gig that suddenly took a big turn, how he then went to work at a startup in San Francisco, and positive insight that will help you build confidence on a daily basis!

  • Feat. Guest: Ian Lenhart
  • Title: Entrepreneur and Podcaster
  • Industry: Media
  • Current Location: Miami, Florida

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Careerfluencer podcast. This is Ian Lenhart, I’m an entrepreneur, overall happy, good guy currently based out of Miami, Florida. Competence is Sexy Confidence is key, but to develop confidence takes belief in yourself. And if you don’t have belief in yourself, you have to find belief in yourself. If you don’t have that raw underlying thing, then you have to find a way to figure it out, right? So I challenge everyone that’s listening, if you don’t believe in yourself, we got to work on that. Somebody had hit me up that was in my fraternity, telling me I had something you’d be “dank” at. And this was during the summer of going into my junior year of college. And that turned out to be a call very poor pitch that introduced me to the concept of network marketing and direct sales. This idea that there’s these companies out there that anybody can join, completely up to you, and you essentially become a distributor for a company. It’s the second largest industry in the world. The whole idea behind this drink was that it was a healthy energy drink with a liquid multivitamin involved with it. I thought it tasted great. And I thought it was the greatest thing that I’ve ever seen. And that passion kicked me out of my comfort zone to another level. And I question thinking about when I was in college, I felt like I made some friends. But then I kind of stopped there. I didn’t really push out and meet new people. And what magically happened in that time, when I got started in direct sales, I was so excited about this business opportunity that not only I could, you know, earn a living and make money, but I could help all these other people do and we’re gonna do it as one big team, one big family good vibes only. And it sort of took off. What happened there was I was just getting in front of people and giving them the pitch. I was nervous. I was so scared. It was so uncomfortable. I kept doing it consistently. We were excited. We believed in it. And next thing, you know, we had a team and 10/20/30 different colleges, and it was growing like wildfire. We’re at the peak of the business, we built a team to 1600 people 1600 distributors around the world. At that moment, I’d hit a six figure income ended up graduating a year later. And when I took that year off, I went to 30 different states in the US and life was really good. I think at that time. When I hit that big rank, I got complacent. I just figured that everything would just continue to grow. You know what I mean? You’re just like, Ah, you know, it’s almost like I hit the gym so much my muscles was looking fantastic. And then I just stopped going to the gym and I thought that the muscles would just keep growing, the company ends up getting shut down as an alleged pyramid scheme, which is both kind of hilarious when I say it out loud. But that’s the reality of what happened. That was a very hard moment for me because I went from killing it, killing it killing it to having this really expensive car payment. I wasn’t saving money. I was just living life. I was living la vida and I was I was basically like this, this blows. I’m back to square one. And it was very demoralizing. I started doubting myself. Hey, is it just that I got lucky? Was I just at the right place at the right time? Do I really even deserve to call myself successful just like simple things that everyone encounters. Fast forward, I got a normal job. Just doing media sales. For a big advertising agency, and I hated my life it just was so boring. It was in a cubicle just selling things that people didn’t want during my finals week of college. Rather than studying for my finals. I went to see net TechCrunch, Inc, Forbes. And I reached out to every startup I could possibly find. And I would reach out and as many creative ways as possible. I’d reach out to the founders on LinkedIn, I’d reach out through cold emails and I would just send Hail Marys, throw a Hail Mary, see if someone catches them. And out of the probably 100 to 200 companies I reached out I got responses from about five of them. And my pitch was like, Look, my name is Ian Lenhart. I have built this, you know, six figure business in college. I really want to get into the tech world I’ll do whatever it takes, I’ll work for free. And it hit home with this one company that I thought was really, really cool as a facial recognition doorbell. Eventually we get funded. I go to San Francisco to invite funded I mean, just we got into an accelerator program. We went through this program and it was one of the most epic experiences again, we there was probably something around 25 or 30 companies representing about 16 different countries. So met these people from all over the world again. that’s ultimately what led to me becoming fascinated with people’s stories and starting my own podcast. I was living in a hostel in San Francisco, walking to work every day, you know, making barely enough money to pay for the hostel. I was so broke but I was killing it. I’m out here in San Francisco. You know, I was hitting the snap the hitting the Instagram TV hard, you know, letting people know it was exciting. I figured I’m learning skills today that will set myself up for tomorrow. And looking back five years it did just that the people in your life or in your life because you attracted to them, the opportunities in your life are in there because you attracted them. So naturally, I have a lot of connections of people that motivate me that inspire me that do big things. I only talk for the most part to people that are on the same path that are trying to make moves and, and are overall positive people. If somebody is negative, if somebody just like, takes me off of my vibe I just naturally gravitate away from. It’s like if you spend time with someone unmotivated and not passionate about hobbies and goals, it’s feels like a hangover. And I just can’t do that I need to I need to be fresh and feel good about myself and which is why the people you surround yourself with is really important to the personal development thing anybody can do today. If you’re not listening to personal development, turn your car into your personal development little land and listen to these books while you’re in the car instead of going to the gym and just like blasting linkin park like I always done my whole life. I now listen to audiobooks while I work out. Because it guarantees I’m going to get an hour in every single day. Because what happens in these books is they teach you how to go from outside your comfort zone to making things happen. They teach you to stop being shy and overthinking and self doubt because we are our hardest critics, right? There’s good things in life that are gonna make you smile and make you happy. Don’t focus on all of the crappy negative, upsetting things that just make us terrible. People don’t focus on the negative drama, chances are the things you’re worried about are not big deals. They’re just like these fabrications we create in our mind and then have a frickin awesome squad, you got to surround yourself with good people you are what you attract. So if you operate on a high frequency and you’re all about, you know, putting out that good energy, other people will naturally gravitate towards you. Because there’s good things happening right now. There’s good things that are gonna occur today. If you don’t have cool goals, then you’re not going to get motivated to do them. So for me, a goal of walking and running again was amazing. I love just running I love just the fluidity of run I never appreciated running until I got taken away from me. Unfortunately, that’s how life works. When you stop pursuing answers you give up when you stop going for job interviews you give up when you stop trying you give up when, when you just you give up right you need to make a plan plans are the only thing that make us feel better. If your legs broken, you get put on a plan for recovery. And you don’t feel as bad because you know one day it’s going to be over, connect with other people that are going through your issue. And that can relate to business as well being communities that are helping you get on path by listening to the Careerfluencer podcast, you’re connecting to a community of other people which you can reach out to and leverage to help you be more successful in your life. So everyone that’s listening to this, I think that you guys are in a really good place.

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