098: Flawless First Impressions – with Cynthia Heisch

How can we make a flawless first impression in the modern workplace? Get the key areas of focus to line up both offline and online, how to start thinking about influence when it comes to your career growth, and at the end of the episode check out a quick exercise to help you take it up a notch right now!

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Careerfluencer podcast, where each week we share the strategies, tools, mindset and everything you need to build the career of your dreams. So without further ado, here we go. They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And oh, is that not the truth, y’all? Welcome back to the Careerfluencer podcast. It is a bright, sunny, clear day here in Miami. Still very warm around here. I know that we’re in the winter season, a lot of places. And speaking of I wanted to give a shout out a shout out to a podcast review that we got from Canada. Apple podcast is very interesting the way that they show reviews if it’s from a different country, I have to go these kind of back ways to find them. And long story short, I saw this one landed in the Careerfluencer Review box. And I wanted to say thank you to Roman M who said “this work is in valuable, Cynthia keeps bringing awesome guests to the show, the breadth of voices on the podcast makes it so easy to gain a clear vision of what you need to do next with your career.” Thank you so much for that review to Roman from Canada. I so appreciate it. And on behalf of the Careerfluencer community, we appreciate it. That’s what we’re here for. And it’s great to know that we are just reaching all over the world. How cool is that? So yeah, today we are going to talk about Flawless First Impressions, and what that means with you and your career. This certainly is important when it comes to your career in today’s digital age. But as Careerfluencer’s in the making here. We become masters at this which makes it even more fun to dig into, it’s being able to fine tune your first impression and leverage influence, okay, to speak on your behalf. Loud and clear, to complete strangers, right even before there’s a connection made or an invitation to an interview extended or an offer that might land in your inbox. So this is a great topic that I’m pumped to speak to all about today. I hope you’re ready. And when I really felt this myself and what it means to have a strong first impression, right? Why should we care in the first place is really from how often throughout my career I’ve received unexpected offers on the table or messages in my inbox for job opportunities that I wasn’t even on the hunt for so much goodness that can come your way that you attract literally from having a strong first impression in all aspects in terms of your career in terms of what you do, how you present yourself. And that is why I cannot speak to this enough that all of that really I believe has come from that strong clarity and that strong first impression that I’ve learned to leverage and harness and be so influencers Okay, we understand the concept of an influencer and influencers get you know, likes they get collaborations, they get messages and comments sent their way out as a result of their radiation, the energy that they put out through their various platforms, their profiles online or in person, who they are, who they’re becoming, then Careerfluencer is this is where it gets juicy Careerfluencer is in that same sense, get offers and opportunities and career development outlets, right that could essentially change your entire life. That’s the fun of it. So to set the tone, before this episode I actually doing background research a bit, I looked up the definition on Google of what a first impression was. And part of the definition was that “impression accuracy varies depending on the observer and the target being observed.” Okay, so it is that impression from that person’s perspective. And in this case, what I want to have much of the focus on is that it’s about you and you the impression that you have on yourself, okay, focusing on are you being who you are to the fullest degree because it’s not about working backwards or trying to reach someone else’s mind and hopes of looking impressive or trying to be someone you’re not or anything outside of that relationship between you and you, lining up with you, understanding why that matters to you, no matter what your current career status or employment status is, or if you’re on the hunt or not, right, because influencers don’t just, you know, disappear and only come back if they’re working on a paid project, right, that I mean, that would be super silly. And they’re always aware to some degree of what they’re putting out there and lining up to who they are becoming on an ongoing basis. So for example, you see yourself as a talented, you know, smart, successful professional with tons of potential, you know, one quick example exercise would be to go to your own LinkedIn profile, for example, do a two second scan to see if there are areas or things that need some improvement that you’ve grown to become a bigger person, you’re constantly growing and building your career and making sure that even in that tiny corner of the online internet, right, on the online internet, that tiny profile of you is still an extension of who you would be in person, right? That’s so important, both in real life and in today’s digital age. So again, the focus is on the you the who you’re becoming, and every single time you interact or connect with anyone else, being that person, right, being clear who you are being you being that authentic, unique version of you and making a decision to line up with who you are no matter what, okay, that’s the power of self-influence. That’s how you leverage your flawless first impression, when you’re happy and satisfied with who you are and who you’ve become and where you’re going from your own perspective – then that is the perfect place to go. That’s the goal – it’s that self-satisfaction and if anything, impressing yourself. Alrighty guys, I hope that was helpful today with the concept of the Flawless First Impression, and I will talk to you next time. Bye bye!

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