102: Writing Your Resume with Cynthia Heisch

In this episode we will guide you through an exercise that’ll answer – what will YOU write on your resume this year? When you decide what you want ahead of time and set the intention for your direction, that’s how you are able to feel clear along the journey as it unfolds. Learn how to think of your resume as a “highlight reel,” get ahead of your career goals, and be ready for your best year yet!  

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Careerfluencer podcast, where each week we share the strategies, tools, mindset, and everything you need to build the career of your dreams. So without further ado, here we go. Hello. Hello, everybody. Welcome back to the podcast. We are in a new year. I am so ready. I hope you guys are today. And you know, the other day I was doing a podcast guest interview like appearance, on twenty something trials podcast, and I was asked a question, I can’t remember exactly how she worded it when she asked me but it was about – how was I able to be confident financially, when I did the transition from my, you know, dream job from my corporate career to becoming an entrepreneur and starting Careerfluencer, etc. And it’s it’s so interesting, because I know, that’s a big question. But for me, that was a no brainer. I don’t remember again, I don’t remember exactly how I answered it or whatnot. But in short, I said – Well, the reason why I was able to not be worried about you know, finances and things of that nature was because I know I can land an offer anytime, like, I have that skill set that I have built and used time and time again, landing offers to create my career, there’s no question about it. You know, if I if I want or need, or whatever situation I’m in – I know that I can always land an offer, find a job opportunity or what-not in a snap. I’d just decide what offer I wanted, where, etc. And that’s that. And you know, that’s really one of the things I did take into consideration big time, because it was, I could either continue landing offers and building my own career, you know, climbing up the ladder and continuing down that route. Or I could figure out a way to create a platform, you know, a company an avenue to teach as many people as possible to bring together people who are a positive influence to make a much bigger impact than just in building my own career. That’s not going away – that skill set, it will always stick with me, right? When I wanted to pursue growth opportunities, or when I was ready for a new role. I used that same exact skill set. And even when I wasn’t proactively on the hunt, per se, even right now, it still has a ripple effect. I’ve never stopped lending offers even, you know, unsolicited offers landing in my inbox, right? And so when I was answering that question, and kind of reflecting afterwards, I really did take a second to think, Hmm, I wonder – I wonder if I’ve mentioned that on the podcast yet. Because, like where this really comes from why I’m so seemingly obsessed with teaching the art of landing offers. I bet it’d make so much more sense to y’all, to the Careerfluencer community out there if I did say that. So. Okay, there you go, folks. That’s my story to start off with. Now, here’s the deal. Okay, with what we’re diving into. Today, with writing your resume the way I teach this on a more I guess, technical approach, our One Page Resume module inside the program. Definitely one of the areas our students love, and could probably just stand alone on its own of how to create your resume, how to write your resume. Resumes are so often an area where there is a lot of room for clarity and understanding what to put on it or not, get a lot of questions with that and why. And approaching it from a good place, from an empowering and forward looking place along your career journey as you’re landing opportunities and offers. As you’re growing your career and paving your unique path. Your resume is definitely going to be something you want to understand and craft right? I’m not going to get in the weeds with that here. We’re going to really set the stage okay, for this year and what is it that you want to write on your resume? Okay. The reason why that’s so important to consider is – well many reasons – but first off, because the bigger concept to grasp from this, the bigger message behind it is that so often resumes I see are, you know, approached/taught whatever – seen as a timeline of the past. Ok. Old news that’s already happened, right? But I want you to think of your resume as your highlight reel, that you can write what you want on it. And when you take the time to decide ahead of time what you want it to say, then you’ve set that intention, then you’re able to focus on the direction that you want to go towards. That that’s something that I did another one of my secrets up my sleeve, that nobody, nobody knows, or, you know, would ask about her I’d never really discussed, you know, I just did it because it was so fun to think about is fun to think about. And really, I don’t think I’ve realized or put together how much of a difference just that exercise or approach made long term. But, you know, imagine if you’re driving your car, and you’re on a road trip, but you don’t have any destination set in your GPS. Chances are, you’ll end up lost in the woods or not where you wanted to be right? Same thing when it comes to your career. So here’s what I want you to do. You know, I would I’d take out my resume document on my computer. And you know, press enter a few times or so and then quite literally type in the next role that I wanted to land. Like, just what was the next offer I wanted to put on there, whether it was at my company or somewhere else? All the same? What role what offer on my career path was I wanting to put on there with, you know, what felt like the next logical step along my journey with my growth, my skill set all the things I’ve learned from another year of experience under my belt, right? So I type it out as if it was already on there. And save it as a separate document. Because of course, this wasn’t put like on my LinkedIn profile. I didn’t announce it to the world or anything, right? I do it for myself, kind of like a vision board, maybe, but on your resume. And that always felt good to get clear on my own intentions for the year to have something in mind ahead of time before it’s actually happened or before I even knew how or where or whatnot, okay? Because when you when you set the drama aside, just for a second here, our resume, again, is only a one page highlight reel of our career where we can decide what we want to write on it ahead of time. We get to choose, and it’s only a matter of landing offers one after another. Okay? So think about what you want, get clear on it with yourself. And one year from now, what would it be like or feel for that to be true? Or maybe even, you know, way sooner than that, right? Especially if you’re in our program, you’re a student – becoming an offer magnet. Yeah, when you decide what you want ahead of time, then you’ve set the direction, you’ve set your intention, and you know where you’re headed for the year ahead. Not another year of default, or, you know, more of the same-ness, but you’re actually sitting in that driver’s seat, ready for it. Okay, guys, that’s all for today. I’ll see you next time. Bye bye. 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