103: Dream Job Description – Live Workshop Playback with Cynthia Heisch

Grab your notebooks, get cozy, and enjoy hopping on this fun live workshop playback together. You’re in for a treat today with this exercise-style episode. By the end, you will have your Dream Job Description download out on paper, a clearer sense of navigating your own career journey, and a ton of forward-looking tools that you’ll love to try!

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Careerfluencer podcast, where each week we share the strategies tools mindset and everything you need to build the career of your dreams. So without further ado, here we go. Before we dive into this episode wanted to give you guys a bit of background here because you are in for a treat. We recently hosted a free workshop, which we rarely do. It was live and since so many of y’all enjoyed it a lot, were asking for a replay or about it later on – consider this your lucky day. What we did is we took the whole workshop recording, right? We grabbed just the audio cleaned it up a bit so you all can have the opportunity to hear it. Even if you weren’t on the live with us. It’s a little longer than our typical episodes. Right. So heads up. And you’ll hear it’s it’s more of an interactive style. It came out so good. I’m so excited for you all to hear it now. Okay, guys, enjoy. Hello. Hello, everyone. Welcome to Careerfluencer live. So glad you’re here. My name is Cynthia Heisch, I’m the founder of Careerfluencer. I wanted to thank you for being here ready to go feeling good, I hope you’re able to relax and use this time to clear your mind wherever you are in the world. And I have worked with hundreds of modern professionals help them build their dream career. And I did that after building my own dream career. And through my experience as a hiring manager and a leader in the corporate world prior to Careerfluencer. So when I was planning this workshop, I was thinking of what would make this super fun, super valuable, something that can really bring light to every single person on it, whether or not they were a student or whether or not they wanted to join the program in the end. Today, this live stream isn’t going to just be teaching concepts or talking at you, okay? It’s more of an interactive thought exercise or workshop style. Okay, so deep breath, I hope you have your journal ready your pencil or pen with you, maybe a beverage that you can enjoy and just relax here. And I you know, our goal today is for you to walk away from this session and be able to see your career with new eyeballs that there will be at least one shift one thing that will be clearer than ever before, to increase your confidence, give you a boost of that and some certainty and help you feel good about your future. That is our company mission after all at Careerfluencer. So those of you who have been tuning in, and are our students or our longtime listeners, you know that I mentioned, we’d be doing one of the three worksheets that were from our bonus growth guide that we sent over and did you did you guess which one it is? That’s my question. Chances are, it’s probably the one that had no instructions on it and was more of just a template, right? Surprise, surprise. Yes, that’s it. And if you didn’t get those, not to worry, I will continue to walk through and you can follow through this. All the same, just on a sheet of notebook paper. Okay, so first thing I want to talk through with you is about how when we’re kids, okay, and someone asks – what do you want to be when you grow up? We answer that easily. Without a doubt. You know, even before we know all the details or whether or not it’s realistic to what that career path or anything really we’re just completely open. We’re honest, we have no reason to think otherwise about what we want. Yeah, it’s great. Now for some reason, we don’t seem to do that same exercise as adults. We are we do we get all of our adult-ness into it. Okay, so what I want you to do is have that same open mindset and write down if someone like me right now, someone were on a webinar or talking to you in person, they said, What is your dream job? If you could do any type of work in the world, what would you be doing? And I want you to take one minute here and write that down. Don’t overthink it just generally, describe whatever comes to mind. It’s just for you to know right? So, no holding back, download it straight from your noggin onto paper. Okay, ready? Go. Okay, y’all, it’s me again, rather than have a minute of silence in this episode, feel free to just press pause here, write your response down on your paper or your notebook and then continue from here, figured we’d save you a step so it’s a little easier to do and follow along in this together. Okay, back to the episode. Okay, one minute pencils down. You’ve put down what you want. Now, part two is going to be why? Okay, so out of all the jobs in the world, out of all the career paths you’ve seen that exist? or heard about or you’ve listened to, from this podcast, you know, or you discovered from someone on TV or on LinkedIn, however, all the jobs that you know about in the entire planet? Why did you put or describe that one? What is it about what you wrote? that is meaningful to you? Right? Why does that matter to you? Why would you describe that as your dream career? What is it about that that has value behind it? Okay, let’s talk about why did that come out of your download? Why in general, does that dream career matter to you in the first place? What is the Why? I’ll give you one more minute. Let’s get that out. And then I will dive into putting it all together here. All right, ready? Go. Already, y’all that was kind of fun to do. Yeah, you’re thinking, Okay, we put out what I want. I know what I want Cyn. I know why I want it. Of course, I know that right? How am I supposed to go about that? I’m along my career journey already. I’m building my career. We’re in it already. I’m interested in hearing how to put this all together. And that is the big question. How do you make that dream career your reality? Okay, how do you build your dream career? And the way that you build a career when it comes down to it, right, is just landing offers, right. And maybe that’s not the offer on the table right now, that doesn’t mean it can’t be. It’s not the offer on the table – yet. All right. And here’s the big light bulb moment, big shift that I want to offer to you here that there are two ways of building your career. And it’s the one key differentiator that I want to present to you. The two types are looking for offers only when you’re forced to when you are needing to find a job when you are in an unpleasant situation. And then as soon as you find one not being on the hunt again, right. So only turning that switch on when you need it, versus the other approach. The other way that I want to share with you is to come into your career as in, I want to build my dream career. And I’m always open to offers. I’m always looking for opportunities. I’m always eager and ready to land offers and build my career. And I want you to think about how those are simply different mindsets, and no conditions have to change, nothing has to change about your current situation. Nothing has to change about the world or about your resume. That is simply something you can choose right now, right this second, it’s available to you right now waiting for the worst case scenario before you actually do something versus wanting the best case scenario. And going in that that forward inspired direction taking action. Right? Do you feel how different that is? And that’s what I want to offer to you. That is the one choice that one flip that is available to you right now without changing anything, right? No matter where you are along your career journey. That’s not to say that some of you haven’t already had that switch on. And maybe you’ve always wanted to build your dream career and you have tried it all? Well, first off, if there’s one thing I know, you haven’t tried our program, got to put that out there. But second off, times are changing. And there are more opportunities out there than ever before and popping up all the time. The way we work is different than yours before. I think that’s very, very prevalent and something we’re aware of, right. So it’s just about being open landing offers on the table and saying yes to the ones you want. That’s how you build your dream career. Okay? The big hitter here is that the only thing that gets in the way of landing offers on the table, right? If you have been in that mode, what gets in the way of your dream career, brain clouds and those are what I like to call the beliefs or the chronic long held thoughts that get us down or all in a funk or maybe we want to give up, right? What’s the point – it’s not about never having brain clouds. But being able to notice when we’re feeling off and wanting to focus back to what feels good, having the tools and the awareness to get better and better with practice with intention, until a lot of those things that once maybe bog you down, right or that once were things that would make you get off track or upset or in the wrong direction or whatnot, right? To a lot of those things aren’t even on your radar anymore. You don’t even notice them. Right? That’s the work it takes. Never give up on your dreams, y’all don’t let those brain clouds get in the way, it is possible. And especially once you’ve got a handle on how to not let those slow you down how to keep doing the work and driving in the direction of your dreams, despite weather conditions, or bumps in the road. If and when those come about how to enjoy the entire journey along the way of building your dream career. That’s something you can choose right now, right? Now that you know this, that it’s that simple. And that you can simply decide and enjoy your journey. And truly feel it even before anything has changed. Even before, you know the offers are landing on the table, or even before you’re in a new job or promotion or path or whatever, wherever it is that you want to go with your career. It’s a never ending journey that you’re already on. So why not make it a good one that you actually enjoy that you look forward to? Because truth is, you’ll never get it done. You can’t get it wrong, and will always want more. Now, side note – this wasn’t something, this wasn’t something I really understood until you know, I’d land and offer, something I had been looking forward to for so long, I’d be excited for about a week. And then as soon as you get the hang of it, you’re ready to learn another like what that is natural. That is how our brains work. You might have, you know, a trusty truck that you’ve been driving along your career journey that’s been working just fine. So far, it gets you from A to B. But you don’t have to wait for it to start clunking out or the wheels to stop turning. Before you upgrade to a Jetta than a Lexus or a Rolls Royce or a motorcycle, right? You don’t have to wait for you to be stranded on the side of the road. Right before you decide maybe it’s time to upgrade, whatever you want. Whatever experience you’re ready for. That’s all it is. And same with your career. Okay, it’s just a matter of landing offers one after another. And so yeah, even even better than cars, his cars depreciate right when you drive them off the lot. But careers quite literally appreciate in cash flow. And it only gets better and better as you grow and you go further along your journey, right? Which one feels better to you? Out of those approaches we talked about? Okay, putting this all together? Which side? Knowing this, would you want to choose, right? Because you can simply just decide and try a different approach. Just like saying, I’m trying on this new hairstyle, no drama needed or anything. The world doesn’t have to change overnight, in order for you to be able to just simply decide that for yourself, right? What’s keeping you from landing offers? Right? What are our dreams really worth to us? And to me, you know, I wouldn’t trade my dreams for anything. I’d rather go for it and be willing to bet on myself and fail forward on that path. I’m pursuing and at least be able to tell myself I tried it all then to settle for like a trusty truck. Right. And when people say, you know, I want you to imagine when people are like, who do you think you are? How are you landing all of these offers and making it look so easy. You say – I’m a I’m a career fluencer? Right? Boom. You know, but I’m not a unicorn, right? I’m a human. I found this webinar or podcast episode later on. I liked what they were saying I signed up. That was the moment that I made a decision to pursue my dream career and it changed the course from that point forward, simply by believing in yourself ahead of time. So yeah, that’s what I wanted to focus on today and really shine some light on is that right now, right? I know there’s a lot of reasons out there to feel like your dreams are doomed, right? There’s so much of that right now, or to think that the job market is just capooey. Right? And I’m here to say that you can actually just look and go in the opposite direction of that, because, you know, in good times and bad times, equally, there are people who survive in crisis, right? Or actually really thrive in crisis, right. And so whether you join the program or not, it’s all good. Of course, I, I encourage it. Because there’s, it’s a no brainer way, not only because of the money back guarantee, and all of the modules and all of the support that we put in there each week to help you along your journey. But the fact that it’s a skill set that will pay off the rest of your career, right, you’ll always have those dreams tucked deep down just like we saw here. In the beginning of the webinar, when I asked you those beginning questions, right. If you allow yourself the opportunity to give it a try to not, you know, smush them back into the deep dark corners of your noggin. If you can, you can at least keep them in this space of possibility inside your mind, right. That’s the first step to seeing what you’re really capable of who you knew you were all along what this world has to offer you changing the course of your career writing your story in real life, right. I hope that’s something you can take away from today. And if you want to work on this together, by the way, if you aren’t already inside of the program, this rang true to you. Maybe plucked a new chord or two and speaks to you right? Then I highly encourage you and invite you to go to the program page right now careerfluencer.com/program read through all the details of you know what we have to offer it if it’s a good fit if you’re ready to apply these concepts that we teach on the podcast and share that information freely if you’re ready to take that into your own situation and work with us on a weekly basis right along your journey we would love to and if so we’ll see you inside the program. So thanks again y’all for being here for being open, thinking about your own dream careers, right, putting that focus on there. If you have any questions by all means, shoot me an email hello@careerfluencer.com we’ll get in touch with you whether it’s about this, you know topic that we just spoke about today. If you have feedback or something you enjoyed or learned, we’d love to hear more about joining the program. Any questions about becoming our next student and sharing your story on the podcast. That’s a wrap for today. Thanks so much. I will talk to you guys next time. Bye bye. Hey, if you’re ready for a new chapter of your career and to take this work to the next level, I want to invite you to join the program where you’ll land offers on the table one after another using our proven process so you can build your dream career as a modern professional, it’s risk free and backed by our 100% guarantee head on over to careerfluencer.com/program and I’ll see you inside.

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