104: How to Start Momentum, Win in Sales, and Set Yourself Up For Success with Noah Swiderski

No matter where you are along your career journey, starting momentum in the right direction begins when you go all-in. In this episode, you’ll hear Noah’s path from flipping football cards with his friends, to grinding it out in door to door sales, and the mindset he’s mastered to set yourself up for success.

  • Feat. Guest: Noah Swiderski
  • Title: Marketing Specialist
  • Industry: Media
  • Current Location: Windham, New Hampshire

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Careerfluencer podcast. This is Noah Swiderski. I’m a Marketing Specialist currently based out of Windham, New Hampshire. Always be open minded for what’s to come into your life rather than, you know, sitting back and waiting, and then you, regretting later it should have happened. You are way more capable than you think you are. And if you just try, you’re most likely gonna get it. Like there’s so many things that people try and had no idea they could even do it. You know, for a lot of us, it’s just about starting a big wave of momentum. And what I mean by that is back then, for me at least, it was doing a lemonade stand. I used to sell flip football cards that people sold to me and I would sell online, I made a website for it. And I would just start flipping classmates football cards online. So that so that was my first wave of momentum. This is back in middle school, when people thought I was crazy. They’re like, here, take your football cards. And I would just keep flipping them online. And me being a kid – I’ve always been someone that would come up with ideas and super creative and come up with artwork, come up with flyers, different things like that, and try and put it out to the public as quick as possible. I would dip my toes in anything I can really get around and get my head around. I used to work for CVS pharmacy and I was just a clerk, a cashier clerk. And at that point, this is around freshman year of high school, I just needed – I knew I needed out. I’m like, I am this type of person that wants to sell something, I have sales in my blood, I just – I need to get it. New opportunities, somethingm some momentum, something to get going. So I looked on, you know, I applied for positions after positions. And this opportunity looked great for me, but I’d never done anything like door to door. And I expected definitely something much different than what it actually was. This position is – if you if you need to get momentum going, this is something that can definitely jumpstart it. Like all the success I’ve had last year, and pretty much after this position, I would credit it to door to door. Because you can’t expect a yes every time, it’s not going to happen. These are neighborhoods, they send you out near Boston. Sometimes it’s seven at night and it’s pouring out and you have to knock on the next apartment complex door and ask a family if they want to sign up for a package is definitely the hardest thing I’ve ever done sales in my sales career. And I think it’s definitely the most rewarding because those yeses you feel on top of the world, because you grind it out all day, like 10 hours, 1012 hours a day outside on your feet going neighborhood to neighborhood to neighborhood, you know, asking these families if they want to sign up. And if it’s a good fit for them, each team, you know, hits a neighborhood and you have a side street and you’re responsible for meeting a quota by the end of the week. And if you don’t hit that quota, it doesn’t it doesn’t look good for you doesn’t look good for your team. And at that time, I’m like, I’m not going back to CVS, I’m not doing anything like I’m not going back to retail, I’m not going back to something that I know, I know I’m better, I don’t want to sit around and wait. So I had to go get it, I had to go start pushing, wake up early, stay late, ask for help. And this was the first type of position that would offer me a lot of help, they would draw down a whiteboard, they would prepare, this was the first position that made me realize how much preparation it really takes. And you know, it’s it’s almost like a game, right. So like, if you want to get good at something, if you want to get good at a game, they really have to, you really have to prepare in each part of your game. And even if you’re good at closing a sale, that doesn’t mean that you had rapport with the customer, it just meant you were good at closing, or they or they wanted the service, you know, so you want to get good on all aspects of whatever you’re trying to do. Whether that’s producing, whether that’s cooking, whether that’s influencing others, motivating others, trying to build a brand stuff like that. I mean, you want to look for a mentor. And that’s and I had plenty of mentors in that position. And I credit a lot of my success to that door to door position because without it I don’t think I would be as used to nose and rejection as I am a no is just getting closer to the Yes, having the mindset of abundance. You don’t care. Like when you approach the next door you don’t it’s not a deal breaker for you. If you get the sale, you get it. If you don’t, it’s not a big deal. Because then the next you know, five doors might say yes, and having that mentality that in being indifferent. If you’re indifferent, you know, you’re calm and you actually do care because none of it matters inside your head. Right? So with that, you know type of persona and approach to a door in any customer really, I mean, in any field, they’re gonna feel that and they’re gonna say, Oh, you know what, you know, he already has customers that said yes to Him, you know, if he feels like someone that actually genuinely wants to help me and wants to grow, you know, whatever I’m doing so the mentality of abundance and being indifferent to the approach – people you know, people feel when you’re being pushy and people feel when you don’t genuinely want to help and you’re just trying to, you know, do it for yourself rather than help them and whatever service or product, you know, they may they may want. The biggest thing I am proud of by far is graduating my bachelor’s, Bachelor science, Business Studies organizational leadership degree, you know, years ago, I didn’t think I would actually graduate and to have that, you know, framed up like it took so so, so many nights like staying up late, you know, trying to trying to figure this stuff out trying to figure out the material, I’d say that’s one of my biggest accomplishments, you know, you never know what’s truly possible until you try. So I would tell that CVS clerk from years ago, I would say show up show up to the job now. But always, always be looking for that next opportunity. And for me, it was that door to door sales position. But I would say show up for the job, continue to do it until you find that next platform in that platform may come to you or you may go get it for me it was go getting it. Be mindful and be open minded to new opportunities that may arise in this next year. Because there’s so much that you are capable of I’m always someone that’s looking for opportunity back then I was looking for opportunity. I mean that that would just project into what would become my music production career. You have to be ready to go every single day, ready to push ready to climb and even on the off days, you don’t feel up to it. You have to do it. Not just for yourself but for your family, for your ideas for your dreams and for your goals.

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