105: Interview Answer Key – with Cynthia Heisch

You’ve landed a job interview, begin to feel the butterflies fluttering about, but what are you going to say? What if they ask questions that you’re not sure how to answer? And how can we learn a lot about this from our love lives? Get the answers to these juicy questions and more in this episode!

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Careerfluencer podcast, where each week we share the strategies, tools, mindset and everything you need to build the career of your dreams. So without further ado, here we go. Ooh, la la. We’ve got Valentine’s Day coming up, y’all. I was, I was recently on a podcast doing an interview and y’all are gonna love this. We were talking about careers and growth and all the good stuff. Right. I was the guest and the host throws a total curveball, where they asked about my thoughts on being so confident professionally, and how that applies to dating, and relationships, what tips I had to share. And I’ll be honest – I did not expect that one. But I did get a brain blast in that moment about how similar interviews are to dating with our love life that we’re both on the hunt to find someone that we can see ourselves, continuing the conversation with. And since we can’t decide just based off of an online profile, right, we do these dates, these little mini experiments to meet for an hour or so over dinner, or in an interview format to see who is this person? Are you the real deal? Or are you a catfish, right? Just a quick funny story. And, you know, I’ll tell you what, whether you’re trying to find a lover or work with a potential employer, I think you’ll find there are a lot of ties between the two situations. Because at the end of the day, it’s about humans, who are both looking to create a relationship with someone they feel good being with, of course, one day doesn’t mean that’s how it’ll be for the entire relationship right after that. But that’s the way we seem to go about this. So it works and dates are exciting. And we get those butterflies right. Same with interviews, if you’re looking for a relationship, not just a one hit wonder. And so far, so good with this new person we’ve stumbled upon, there could be potential for something good. And what does it have to do with interview answer key, here’s the deal. The way we decide whether or not to keep the thing rolling, right to continue the relationship is by how we feel afterwards, because you can do all the right things and say all the things you think you should say and check off all the boxes on your profile, you know, but if there’s no connection, if something feels a bit off from the overall energy we’re getting, then you might get ghosted or they might not be a complete, yes, and vice versa. Okay, so quote is: they don’t remember what you say, but how you make them feel. Okay, I wanted to start out the episode with this one, because you could be the best date or boyfriend or girlfriend or significant other ever. But we got to get that across in the first date and the interview and the way we communicate verbally and non verbally and energetically. Yeah. So now I want you to know – I’m on your side. Okay, what I want every single day and interview you do to be a Yes, yes, yes, on their end. And then it’s up to you to decide if it fits your fancy to continue. Because when you know who you are, and aren’t basing your your worthiness off of the outcomes, or the other side or things you can’t control when you’re awesome. Whether or not it works out in the end. That’s the vibe that makes you that much more attractive, y’all. So now that we’ve set the stage and you’re clear on how you’re showing up who you are that extension of your ideal candidate energy, yeah, the next thing to tackle is what are we going to say? Probably the most often us question we got, you know, from students is about how to answer this or that interview question. Okay. And considering I’ve quite literally sat in 500, 1,000, who knows – hundreds of interviews, no joke, okay, from hiring as a leader in the industry from teaching other leaders, you know, and business owners from being an entrepreneur for mentoring and building teams up and my own career of course to I’ve seen it all at this point. I’ve been around the block with interviews, you guys. And I really think that the way this is often taught or approached is just kind of topsy turvy if there’s one thing, okay, that’ll guarantee you’ll blend in with everyone else not be remembered and sound like a robot. It is memorizing answers ahead of time now. I’ll get into what to do instead, here in a bit, whatever you do, please don’t memorize interview answers. There are way better ways more effective ways to prepare and be able to get your message across. And, frankly, so much easier. Because when you spend your time memorizing someone else’s answers that may or may not even be relevant, or what gets even asked in the interview, if and that’s that’s what you’re betting on as the preparation, you know, that’s what is all stuck and clogged up in your head, then when they ask you something you’ve never heard before, when they throw you a curveball, then what right? We don’t want that blank deer in the headlights look. Okay, that’ll throw you off. So thing is there are no right or wrong answers. Okay. And if they ask you a question, know that this means they believe that you will fully be able to answer it, they trust that you already have the answer. They want to hear your unique thoughts. Okay? Not a cookie cutter calculator response. When you get to the point where you’re so solid, and can show up ready to go like, hit me on the spot. Ask me anything. I’m ready. What are your questions? Yeah, because you’ve built up that muscle, that communication soft skill set of how to get your message across to the other side, that’s when you stand out like someone that’s from a whole nother planet. So what we want to do is to create the connection, rather than convince, we connect As humans, we tell them what we do, we speak to the things that you can’t see, or that isn’t on paper, on our resumes on our profiles, right? We bring all those skills and experiences and things that we have that valuable inventory in our head into real life, here’s what we bring to the table, here’s a taste of what I’ve got to offer as a team asset. And the way we do that is through practice, might seem a little too simplified or obvious, but you know, it’s just practice just like how a basketball player shoots free throws, not just when they’re on the court in game time, and the pressures on but also way, way, way, often in offseason and outside of the game time. You know, they build those reps. So when they’re on the court, and it’s time to perform, it’s not a question of whether or not they felt that up that competence that they can do it. It’s just a matter of fully focusing in the moment focusing on what you do know what you can control, what you can speak to what you want to feel, okay, the flow of your thoughts and your inner work. Before, during and after. Right now what we’re doing inside the program, okay, I’ve been seeing this kind of so much that we’re putting together 50 of the top asked or top bugger what I like to call bugger interview questions 50 interview questions into a bonus for our students as this is the thing that you know, by the end, you’ll have built up that muscle with repetition and practice to be ready in that, you know, hit me with your best question. I’m ready energy. You know, with each one, there’s an audio guide, it’s the closest thing you can get to having me or, you know, having a hiring manager, Bluetooth piece in your ear during an interview. With each question, there’s an audio guide, so that you can hear more about like, okay, when a hiring manager asked you this question, what is it they’re really asking? How can you formulate your response? Well, what are what are we trying to get across here? Right, sharpening your ability to focus and find that message behind the message again and again. So you’ll be ready to shine as if you literally had the answer key in your hand. Love it. We’re continuing to be open for the next couple of weeks or so to you know, our students who are dropping questions into the talk box that they want to add as well as if there’s anything else specifically they want us to make sure to include in the interview answer key inside the program and also making sure there’s a very, you know, well rounded variety of types of questions, formats, and it’s up to date, with modern date with what’s being asked nowadays and actual interviews, the freshest latest material that we can possibly get, because that’s what’s going to be the most helpful, the most relevant and useful for you guys. So if you are a student, make sure to hit that top box. Let us know what questions you want us to answer or consider and if you are not a student then what are you waiting for? Just kidding. But, but this is only offered inside the program with the workbook and bonus course dropping soon. So good. Alrighty y’all I know this one was a biggie. And by the way, if you enjoyed it, could you do us a favor? You know, and leave a review on the podcast? share this episode with a friend or two or perhaps on social media? Yeah. Especially if you know they’ve got some interviews coming up. Or if you’re in interviews, and this was helpful, love it. Thanks a million in advance, you guys. Okay, that’s all for today. Until next time, bye. Hey, if you’re ready for a new chapter of your career, and to take this work to the next level, I want to invite you to join the program where you’ll land offers on the table one after another using our proven process so you can build your dream career as a modern professional, it’s risk free and backed by our 100% guarantee head on over to careerfluencer.com/program and I’ll see you inside.

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