107: Creativity and Choosing Your Career Path with Natalie Lange

Is creativity something some people are simply born with, or can we all tap into it in our own ways? In this episode, hear Natalie’s take on building her career beyond what she initially planned in college, advice on how to find new opportunities that fit your interests, and why it’s important to explore new possibilities to pursue along your path.

  • Feat. Guest: Natalie Lange
  • Title: Photographer
  • Industry: Creative
  • Current Location: North Miami Beach, Florida

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Careerfluencer podcast – this is Natalie, I am a small business photographer currently based out of North Miami Beach, Florida. Do not limit yourself because you think that you are not free, there is creativity in all of us to some capacity and it’s all about whether or not we decide to tap in and use that because when we are tapping into that creativity, the possibilities of what you’re able to do and what you’re able to create are truly endless. When I was younger, I was heavily heavily heavily influenced by first of all, my my mom, so my mom was a very big influence in my life. You know, she was always like, go after what you want. Like there are plenty of things out there for you to explore. Like whatever you want to be, you can do it you are capable of being anything you want. You know, my family comes from my family’s Ecuadorian, I am first generation to go to college, I am first generation to have a have, like a very strange career in comparison. So my mom was very much like, you know, I want you to go to college, and I want you to figure it out. But I want you to always make decisions based off of the things that make you happy and the things that fulfill you. So I would say that would be like one of my biggest influences. I went to a college in South Florida, I had my first internship at the college university gallery, and I was showing up to the internship every single day, it was a little bit I don’t want to say mundane, but it was a little bit was on more on the quiet side. It wasn’t like very exciting. It wasn’t like everything I had thought that it would be as somebody who was interning at an art gallery for whatever reason, I don’t know why, like, why it wasn’t like the most exciting thing I had ever done. So what kind of led to the second internship in San Francisco was that I was like, okay, there has to be something more like there has to be another internship at another gallery. Somewhere else that is way more exciting than this. Like there has to be another place that I can go go intern and work under someone who has like an exciting, I don’t know, like an exciting agenda, something that I can like also be in control of like, I want more of like a leadership role. How can I do that, because every single day that I’m coming in here, I’m doing kind of like, I’m kind of like pushing papers. And I don’t really want to do that. Like I want to interact with artists, I want to help with brainstorming with curating an actual event. Like I want to do all of those things. So a lot of people think that creativity is just something you’re born with, it’s actually something you practice on a daily basis. Creativity is problem solving. So when you and I’m going to use the example You know, I’m a, I’m a painter, at the end of the day, I’m a painter, that is my strongest suit. I’m a painter and like painting is problem solving. Painting is problem solving. Photography is problem solving. Creativity is problem solving. So when you are a creative and you are a creative person, again, it just takes practice, not something you’re born with. You learn that whatever situation you’re put in whatever job you have, everything you do is going to mold who you are in the future. So you use all of your experiences in a creative way to come up with what it is that you want to pursue. I went to San Francisco with $0 in my pocket, I was a very broke college student at the time, I went to San Francisco with $0 in my pocket, but had the best experience ever. And if I hadn’t done that, I definitely would, you know, like this, that whole experience shaped my view for what I wanted to do because they allowed me to be hands on and communicate with artists, they gave me a leadership role that I definitely was not expecting, you know, when I arrived there, and I helped curate events I curated you know an entire an entire series with the artists, I helped her back, you know, on the back end, I helped her organize, I at the end of the day, I had gotten so much out of that experience and my time there that I definitely encourage anyone who’s looking for more and trying to figure out what they want, look around in multiple areas of the realm that you’re in and the career that you’re working towards. Please please please like look, like just explore explore options, because without exploring those options, you never know where it can lead you. Because honestly, like the fact that I was able to learn so much from the artists and, you know, my mentors, I experienced all of those things. When I came back from my internship, I was like, Wow, there is so much more than what I thought was out there. There is way more opportunity and you know, and way more room for expansion. Like I don’t only have to limit myself to being a painter. I don’t have to limit myself to wanting to be a gallery owner. I don’t have to limit myself to you know, anything that I thought initially I had to limit myself to so when I was finishing up my last year in college, I kind of really took that into consideration. So that’s kind of when actually when the the nonprofit began, you know, I founded a nonprofit called changes ours. And it was with one of my best friends and those experiences ended up molding me into the person that wasn’t thinking small inside of a box anymore. So having that experience, shaped me into choosing my next job. So when I graduated college, I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Because in that last year, we were kind of just building the nonprofit, you know, we were still figuring things out, we were coming up with creative solutions we were we wanted to build something for the community. So I was like, Okay, how can I learn more from this, like, I let my creativity take me further than just the studio art room, like I let my creativity Take me into finding a marketing job at a very large advertising agency in South Florida, like, if not the biggest, and possibly the nation. So I ended up at this job. But if I hadn’t let my creativity take me further than what I was initially presented with, or what I initially experienced, then I would not have the mental capacity to want to explore a position like this. So if whoever’s listening to this, please look at, I want you guys to just take a second and just realize what is in front of you and what you’ve experienced so far, and put it on paper, use it, eat, like make a list, make a list for yourself, of all the things you’ve learned over time. And I highly suggest, you know, even if you have a job that you’re enjoying, currently, think about all the things that you’ve done an experience over time. And if you could come up with a career for yourself, like what would that look like? Like how could you build something of your own with what you’ve experienced so far, and that’s kind of like what pushed me into what I do now and why I’m so passionate about what I do now because I I’ve been through so much and I’ve experienced so much in order for me to get to this point that now I can truly call myself and I mean, I wouldn’t necessarily say an expert, but I am extremely seasoned in this department extremely based off of everything I’ve experienced. So those are all the things that you know shaped who I am and and what I do now, and it was a little bit difficult for me to maneuver like what I was going to do but once I opened my mind up to being creative and more aspects and in different avenues, that’s when I realized the possibilities are truly endless.

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