111: How to Win in the Future of Work with Cynthia Heisch

Everyone wants to find out about the future of work… What will it take to win? What to expect? What to do? In this episode, Cynthia offers key things for you to consider about this topic, how to get in line with the direction of your dreams, and the story of a secret “ninja” approach that gives back control in a crunch.

Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Careerfluencer podcast, where each week we share the strategies, tools, mindset, and everything you need to build the career of your dreams. So without further ado, here we go. Hello, hello. How’s it going? Great to see you, got my game face on today. It is simply gorgeous outside, okay, the sun is shining and yes, feeling pretty fired up in the mood to make some magic happen and get some things move into that. And so you’re in for a fun ride today, my friends Woo. The future of work, the future of work the future of work, hot topic. Oh, hi, puppies. My dogs are black German Shepherds. They just came here by me. Yeah, let’s start here. Why are you in the job that you are in? Was it because you had to it was the only option the only offer on the table at the time or because you saw it as an opportunity in line with your goals. In line with your dream career in mind, what happens when more modern professionals say yes to themselves and refuse to settle for less when they make a commitment to create the career of their dreams to believe it and take action toward it before the evidence appears? And lo and behold, it comes true. (Don’t mistake that for being a fortune teller.) Okay, wow. Wow, my mind just went blank. So imagine if you were truly able to wake up on Monday mornings, and not dread the workweek and back, you felt excited and ready to get the day started? Of course, there will be moments where things don’t go as planned or obstacles come up along the way. But how different would that be? What would that look like when even others can see? Wow, you are just glowing? Like what What’s gotten into you? I said you’d be in for a ride in this episode. Yeah, like the clouds, brain clouds have parted and, ah, you’ve become this ray of sunshine, not just another day of doom and gloom to dread and work in for the weekend. all that noise just out of here. Because we are all here to win period. Life is not a dress rehearsal. Do not go willy nilly with this serious stuff, begin to see yourself as a winner. I think about all of our community, our students, the career fluencer that are, you know, tucked away and doing their thing in organizations and all sorts of industries out there, you know, often the only one a rare gem, if you will, being that light and building their dream career inspiring others that it is possible if you can believe it, and refuse to give up on yourself no matter what the odds are, what the current conditions were basing what happened before or who else is able to see that potential. Okay, they know it’s there. And they’re armed with those tools. Having that skill tucked up their sleeve, there’s someone that’s going places and and everyone around them can feel it when they walk in the room when when I’d walk into the boardroom and see you know this room of top level leaders staring back at me you know often way more quote experienced older than I was right? Really in shock and I could feel the what in the world factor because who does this girl think she is? She looks – I have a baby face. And okay simply just not not an old white man stereotype yada yada. Okay, yeah, sure they left they doubted sometimes I doubted too. But you know what, I refuse to let it bring me down. All that was going on with them. Until you know what? I began and I delivered and walked out of the room like, day What just happened? Okay, I know what it feels like to be the odd one out very often, my friends but overcoming that Sheesh. You know what? That has nothing to do with what’s on your resume y’all – that came from knowing what I brought to the table, the skill set I had under my sleeve that I never had to worry about, you know anymore, what others were thinking or anything like that. get in the way of my work by goals. In the mindset I have built through those tools through practice through figuring out the things that they don’t teach and finding mentors that I could count on that were in my corner, so I could get there faster and believing in me having my own back. Okay? Like, you want the recipe to win, there you go. Take those lemons and make some soft, lemonade. And it’s got to be there first, that foundation set in stone solid. And then we go on to growth. Oh, it doesn’t feel like this hard thing with all this work? No, it feels natural. Other people can’t help but notice – makes all of it worth it. Yes. Because once you’re there, and you’re in it, you’ve become that version of you, the one that was there all along. That nudge, opportunity was knocking at your door deep down. Okay? It’s a subtle shift that takes simple steps, support and saying yes to yourself that your dreams are worth it. There are those that in times of crisis crises, that’s when they really shine. And in terms of career, this translates to taking control. And you know what, it goes beyond just you too. It’s what I’ve really come to understand. Okay, there’s a ripple ripple effect to your family, your friends, your network, your colleagues, your company, your your industry. I mean, I could continue. Yes, of course, society would be a much better place. If we all said yes to ourselves and built our dream careers. I mean, come on. Some might say, Oh, that’s not realistic. But you know what, it’s not what I’m concerned about, really, because I know it begins with the individual. And if they’ll be able to believe in themselves to do something that they might not usually do something that goes against the grain, someone who actually can say, Yeah, I built my dream career. If If you ask me why is that the exception and not the norm? This has a huge implication on modern professionals and why I take this so seriously biases, real crisis, these are real things that we wish weren’t a problem. But that doesn’t mean we lose our ability to decide about the things we can control. That’s the best part the story we want to write the person what we want to be for ourselves what we’re going to do to win what we realize is a moment that needs our urgency, our attention that can’t be ignored or avoided or set aside any longer that story of how even the friendly has scramble, that you’d never guess put their loved ones in danger and suddenly they become these like ninja warriors that are a serious nun-chuck swinger they know when to make a move that’s their is their instinct, our instinct as humans answering that call right copy. Well, that’s a you know, yeah, well, that’s never happened before well done. So what. What is it that really is going to be the thing that does it but I am done just like that. Yes. You know, you you work your butt off? Yes. You’ve always done the best you could with what you had what you knew at the time what you were able to make out of it. But also Yes, you do deserve to do work that you enjoy that lights your fire it yes, it is possible. Okay. Yes. You can have that career, that path, that vision. And yes, you are meant for more. The fact that you’re hearing this, I do believe is what really matters right now, without a doubt you’re the hero. Hear me out plain and simple. What I do know is this, it’s about sitting on the sidelines or stepping into onto the court with that game face. Let the haters hate. They’ll see when you hit that scoring shot, racking up the wins. And yeah, either way, this is the team that’ll win every time where I want to be with that team wearing that jersey playing the game with winners. If you’re headed in a direction opposite of your dreams and where you want to be, then grab the steering wheel. You know, the signs like me, turn around, don’t drown. I’ll be darned if anything gets in the way of our dreams because the future of work demands it. And by now, yeah, the ball is in your court. You’ve got it born ready. clock is ticking. it’s game time, y’all. All right, have an incredible week. 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