Simple, effective career growth so you can spend more time on what lights you up.

It's one thing to have skills and be qualified for a job...

It's another thing to actually get hired in roles that are the right fit for you.

But your career depends on this alone: whether or not you can land offers on the table. 

In today’s rapidly-changing job market, it demands a different approach than the “traditional” methods that we were taught. This is the foundation behind the Program.

Modern Professionals tell us all the time:

– Job hunting is HARD

– They HATE playing the waiting game

– They never know exactly how or where to find new opportunities that are hiring now

– They are winging it in interviews

– They are tired of getting ghosted and all the endless applications

If this is you, we can totally relate.

So here’s my story in a nutshell y’all. I started from not being able to find a job whatsoever for months on end – to landing promotions at lightning speed and overseeing hundreds of new hires as the youngest leader at my entire company.

I saw what it’s like to be on BOTH sides of the hiring process, built my dream career from the bottom up, and have helped hundreds of modern professionals and industry leaders do the same ever since the past 5+ years.

With that experience, I’ve designed the Program to teach you the art and SCIENCE of landing offers in today’s market in a way that’s also fun & helps you feel good about your future.

Because to me this is about more than just finding your “next” job opportunity. It’s about developing a skillset that literally pays off, from now until the day you retire.

I believe that your dream career is truly possible, and it’s THE best time in history to pave your own unique path.


Founder of careerfluencer

cynthia heisch

This program is for you if...

– You are a modern professional that is currently open and looking for a new full-time opportunity. 

– You want to take back control and finally transform your career.

– You are ready to follow a cutting-edge career development strategy and formula method designed by a former corporate hiring leader and renowned career coach.

Overview and Module Details

When you enroll you will receive immediate access to the entire course through your personal login to access online, including all of the modules below. Go at your own pace or binge watch all of it straight through to completion, totally up to you.

It’s designed to be as clear-cut and straightforward as possible with the process videos, worksheets, resources, and topics available. But to be honest with you – this isn’t for everyone. It takes work to create the career of your dreams and there is no “magic” pill. Once you’re inside the course, you have access for life. You’ll get all module updates and additional content included at no extra cost.

smart search strategy

Smart Search Strategy:

  • The 3-Phase Hiring Process to land offers on the table as a modern professional

  • How to find who’s hiring NOW in roles that fit

  • How to start getting into off-market or overlooked opportunities

  • How to get more interviews out of less applications

  • How to avoid dead-ends and stop getting ghosted

one page resumes

One Page Resumes:

  • How to turn your resume into a work highlight reel

  • How to write exactly what will interest interviewers

  • How to “cut the fluff” with outline and copy guides

  • How to easily align your experience and strengths with the role you want most

  • How to CLEARLY begin to stand out from the stack

flawless first impression

Flawless First Impression:

  • How to create consistent, polished positioning

  • How to build a personal brand that packs a punch

  • How to make your linkedin profile look good online 

  • How to develop a strong elevator pitch + one-liner

  • How to attract new job opportunities on autopilot

interview answer key

Interview Answer Key:

  • The playbook to answering interview questions

  • How to speak with certainty and show higher value

  • How to be ready for both in-person & virtual meets

  • How to WOW the hiring managers with your words

  • How to increase referrals and recommendations

ideal candidate energy

Ideal Candidate Energy:

  • How to shift and sharpen your inner & outer game

  • How to think “like an actor” to perform even better

  • How to get unstuck and find out next steps fast

  • How to clear your mind for when it’s time to shine

  • How to LOVE job hunting – even if it’s awful so far

LIVE Mentoring

Get a front row seat to exclusive community livestreams, office hours sessions, tips, tools, and top-notch support shared straight to you by our mentor team every week.

Talk Box 24/7

Get your questions answered with Cynthia and team Careerfluencer at your fingertips. This is an opportunity to ask ANYTHING related to building the career of your dreams.


In addition to the program modules, students get bonus access to: the 35 Day Challenge, Career Growth Guide, Interview Answer Key Workbook, and more course content.

Your Investment: $1200

THE Guarantee

If you complete the Program and aren’t fully satisfied with it, we will give the money-back for the full purchase price. For more details, click here

Are you ready?

For questions about the program and to reach our team contact: hello@careerfluencer.com