005: Tech and The Future of Work with Cyril Lutterodt

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Curious about the future of work? With today’s tech innovations, rapid changes, and job automations, there are many facets that are likely to impact your career. Good news is that our guest, Cyril, has the scoop! Cyril is an entrepreneur also known on social as @dayinthelifeofatechie and is based out of the UK. He currently leads an advanced AI startup called Neu Robotics Inc. and in this episode, he shares everything you need to know about new career-related shifts and the tech industry. 

“In the next 5 years…25% of all jobs in the U.S. will be replaced by computers.”

-What it’s like to be successful and expectations vs. reality.
-The difference between intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs.
-Why he regrets turning down a job from Google.
-Figuring out the best time to take risks with your career.
-How networking can boost your growth.
-Long-term grit and compounded results.
-Applying technology to your area of work.
-Tips for pitching new ideas to upper management.

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